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Farmland Preservation Committee

The Town of York has embraced its agricultural heritage and rural character. The Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Codes protect and encourage framing and agriculture, which is the dominant land use in York. Over 90% of the town is presently zoned agricultural with approximately 24,000 acres in either a New York State Ag district or qualifying for an Ag value assessment. The town passed a Right to Farm Law in 2010, becoming the first town in Livingston County to enact such a law.


The Town has a Farmland and Open Space Preservation Committee meets in the Town Hall. All are welcome to attend.


The goals of the committee include:


1. Encouraging the development of new and existing farms and

    Agribusinesses within the town


2. Developing strategies for the implementation of a long-term

    farmland/open space preservation program


We are encouraging agricultural landowners and businesses to put a profile on the Town website to promote the Town's agriculture.  For more info contact David Deuel at


Additional Information

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